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45 Degrees North

  • Reduce the quantity of meat we use for our catered chalets by having a vegetarian/plant based meal at least once in the week
  • Find and switch to alternative eco cleaning products
  • Encourage guests to use the same towel for the week
  • Encourage guests to use reusable bottles and drink the tap water in the chalet
  • Use reusable shopping and vegetable bags at the supermarket and try and purchase items with less packaging on them
  • Find a place to deposit our food waste/compost
  • Include in staff training, good environmental practices
  • Make staff and guests aware of turning out lights and unplugging items in the chalet
  • Switch to energy saving lightbulbs
  • Put clear documents up in the chalet so staff and guests can be aware of and contribute to our resort to minimise our impact as a company
  • Better explanation over the heating so the heaters are used effectively and windows are not left open to counteract it
  • Find alternatives instead of constantly using clingfilm
  • Write and publish an environmental policy on the website

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