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  • Removing single use plastic items wherever possible – particularly in food packaging.
  • Make a formal request to our suppliers to stop using plastic
  • Use environmentally friendly copier paper
  • Unplug computers and laptops when we aren’t using them
  • Get listed in green restaurant guides such as eat well guide, Seafood Watch app, HappyCow, and VegGuide
  • Try to avoid buying overharvested or endangered species fish using guides such as Seafood Watch
  • Use washable cloth napkins instead of disposable paper ones
  • Request to remove plastic from linen deliveries
  • Display better information for the guests in our self-catered chalets (we already do this
  • well in the catered chalets)
  • Reduce paper by requesting to only receive your bills & statements online – and we are already on the case with trying to stop people like Promocash spamming us with their offer newsletters every week but will try to do this with all suppliers
  • Continue to persuade the owners of all of our chalets to switch to eco energy providers.
  • We have succeeded in 3 chalets so far but hope to get all of them switched over the next year

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