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Doorstep Skis

  • Switch to eco cleaning products
  • Use recycled paper: toilet – workshop
  • 1% of all online bookings donated to CoolEarth who work to keep the rainforests standing
  • Use of environmentally friendly ski waxes only. No PFC waxes!
  • Electrical supply comes from Enercoop who provide supply from renewable resources only. They are also a co-operative structured business
  • Start changing over to electric vehicles. We purchased our first electric vehicle December 2019
  • We’re focusing any new equipment orders with affiliated ski brands with those with the strongest environmental manifesto’s and eco credentials. Not only are we hoping to reduce our impact, but also to encourage ski manufactures to constantly improve their eco credentials. Consumer pressure power!
  • We’ll only buy used electronic equipment, whether this be phones, PC’s or netbooks, we’ll source second hand. For example, all staff smart phones purchased this season are second hand.
  • We often buy staff breakfasts or dinner as appreciation for the long hours they put in with us. We don’t buy any meat products and encourage vegetarian or vegan meals. (Its turning out to be a very effective way to introduce ingrained meat eaters to veggy food. They’re often surprised how good it is and often continue this trend into their own meal times)
  • •We now only use LED bulbs and have recycling bins lined up in the shops
  • Purchase any and all stationery supplies from sources offering the best and most environmental friendly products

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