Collectif Member

Le Dahu

  • Offer our customers, 2 menus / suggestions with no meat or fish on the 7 weekly menus /suggestions. (project in progress)
  • Equip all our rooms with a « house » tap water service (project in progress)
  • Abandon 35ml plastic bottles for eco-certified refillable 300ml foam pusher
  • Create a fleet of 6m3 rainwater collection tanks to start (15m3 over time)
  • Develop our colony of worms to reach an annual volume of lombri-composting of 1m3
  • Create a new plant compost space with an additional 4m3 (currently 5m3) enlarge our Bzzz area by 100m/2
  • Create 4 insect hotels on our property
  • Install 14m/s of solar panels to complete the heating system of our outdoor swimming pool
  • Offer our guests portable ashtrays before leaving for the mountains
  • Organise an event with Montagne Verte to share your environmental initiatives with your clients

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