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LGS Ski School

  • SKI KIT – Use uniforms for longer, only use equipment/clothing suppliers with sustainability policies, use environmentally friendly ski wax
  • BANK – Investigate moving business accounts from Credit Agricole to a more ethical bank
  • OFFICE – Delete emails, close laptop more often, recycle ink cartridges, only use FSC or recycled paper, reduce amount of printed documents. Start using Ecosia with Chrome
  • TRANSPORT – More car sharing and public transport for travel to/from work
  • EDUCATE – As instructors, we have excellent opportunities to inform, advise and educate clients regarding environmental issues. Ideal conversation topics for chairlift rides
  • Try to avoid buying overharvested or endangered species fish using guides such a Seafood Watch
  • PROMOTE – Les Gets already has a strong environmental policy and we can help to share this with our clients. Hopefully the tourist office will start to incentivise clients who choose not to travel by plane and we would be happy to help promote such schemes
  • Request to remove plastic from linen deliveries
  • ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY – We plan to introduce this soon and publish it on the LGS website

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