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Make Space Designs

  • Research into suppliers for furniture, lighting and decoration to check their ECO ethos.
  • Research ECO solutions for interior light solutions, low energy light bulbs are obligatory in all my renovations and new build projects. Keeping up to date with new systems for energy saving, light sensors and energy saving switches etc
  • Working with LOCAL trades and artisans and artists to keep the skills local and enrich our communities with local artists and local creative skills.
  • Making sure clients are aware of the options and benefits of new insulation and heating and water systems to best advise towards a ECO solution in a renovation project. These items are sometimes overlooked in a renovation.
  • In a new build project regulations stipulates that all trades conform to modern ECO guidelines
  • To monitor the recycling and disposal of old furniture and house contents when emptying a chalet before renovations start
  • To investigate local charities / associations that can benefit from house clearances to make sure all house clearance waste is disposed of effciently and in the most environmentally friendly way possible
  • Supplier of NEAL’S YARD REMEDIES – independent consultant – supply of toiletries as part of my final finishing service
  • Use environmentally friendly cleaning products in the cleaning and handing over of a chalet – recommend these products to chalet owners and private businesses
  • Make sure my clients, private chalet owners and businesses are knowledgeable about the recycling and disposal of waste in our local communities. To provide the necessary notification and recycling bins at the chalets as part of the final furnishing service in order for them to sort their own waste for local recycling and disposal at the local dechetterie. WHAT CAN BE SORTED, HOW, WHERE AND WHEN. Check the regulations of each individual commune.
  • Help clients in the external landscaping of their finished properties and chalets to encourage the planting of trees in their own gardens to help define their property boundary and assist in the movement towards planting more trees in our communities

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