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Mountain Voyages

  • Buy recycled toilet paper
  • Offer guests portable ashtrays before going on the mountain
  •  Use suppliers who are more eco conscious and willing to make efforts in avoiding plastics
  • Make a formal request to our current suppliers to use less plastic
  • Display information for guests on:
    • In-resort recycling centres and in-chalet recycling system
    • What they can do to contribute
    • The tap water being as good as Evian bottled water!
  • Develop a strategy to address food waste
  • Collect our ground coffee granules and offer them for free as a composting tool
  • Avoid buying over harvested or endangered fish species and prioritise purchasing those with the Marine Stewardship Council Blue Label
  • Publish an environmental policy on our website
  • Use recycled copier paper
  • Donate 2€ per guest to Montagne Verte

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