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Spoony Cooks

  • Switch to eco cleaning products
  • Switch cleaning cloths & kitchen towels to washable bamboo cloths
  • Add a 1 veggie night per week to all our full week catering options
  • Purchase vegwear tubs for food produce storage
  • Look into the best ways of composting our food waste
  • Look into different ways to purchase food that has less packaging
  • Buy yogurts in glass jars
  • Provide Wine from Bib to reduce the amount of glass bottles we recycle
  • Provide Tap water with dinner, not bottled
  • Reduce the milage of our menu’s food, source more local produce
  • Reduce carbon footprint of our commute. Possibly an Eco car
  • Add more information on our website & social media about our efforts to improve our carbon foot print

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